aero drop bar

aero drop bar: A New Way to Race

The aero drop bar is the latest innovation in the world of bike racing. This new bar is designed to reduce drag and increase aerodynamic performance on the race track. It has become an increasingly popular choice amongst professionals and amateurs alike, making it the go-to choice for competitive cyclists.

The aero drop bar was designed with aerodynamic performance as its main focus. It features a straight top tube which is pierced by a modified drop handlebar, making it more aerodynamic while still maintaining the necessary level of strength and stability. The bar is designed with aerodynamic curves which reduce drag and help the rider to maintain an optimal speed. This combination of reduced drag and stability makes the aero drop bar a great choice for fast-paced racing.

The aero drop bar also has some great features that help to improve the comfort and performance of the bike. The bar is designed with ergonomic shape to reduce hand, shoulder and neck fatigue which can be common in regular bars. It also features wider, flat surfaces which help improve gripping power while remaining lightweight and strong. This makes it easier for the rider to optimize their position on the bike while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

The aero drop bar is available in both flat and road design to suit different types of riders. The flat version is perfect for those looking for a comfortable handlebar while the road is perfect for those looking to maximize aerodynamic performance. This allows the rider to customize the handlebar to their individual needs.

Overall, the aero drop bar is an excellent choice for competitive cyclists looking to get the most out of their race. It provides superior aerodynamic performance without sacrificing the necessary strength and stability. Its lightweight design and ergonomic shape make it one of the most comfortable bars on the market. With its performance-enhancing features and versatile design, the aero drop bar is sure to be a great addition to any cyclist’s arsenal.

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